Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baylor coach ready for Sweet 16 & a chance to share his faith

Scott Drew, Baylor University’s arm-waving, ever-smiling, ever-positive head basketball coach, has led his Bears to heights unimaginable, but he says he isn’t able to do the miraculous or the mundane without his faith in Jesus Christ.

Drew was interviewed just before Baylor would play in its first-ever Sweet 16 game. “I wouldn’t be in this spot without the Lord. With all the attention this week and last, I know I need to stay in the Scripture and stay humble. I just want to deflect the light on myself or individual players to Whom it belongs, that is God.” His pastor had this to say about Drew’s perspective on sports. “I will always remember when we lost to Texas two years ago by a single point at home, just a devastating loss, and the next morning I’m walking past the nursery at church and there was Scott, on his knees, playing with the kids as a volunteer worker. Name me one other coach in America who would do that after a gut-wrenching loss.”

Genuine worship is the supreme service a Christian can offer to Christ. This week's Sports In Focus that can be downloaded here, focuses on the importance of true worship, without which everything else we might do in His name is empty and powerless.

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